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Reclaim America Now

November 21, 2013 Leave a comment Go to comments


Admiral James Ace Lyons at Reclaim America Now Rally


Admiral James Ace Lyons at Reclaim America Now Rally talks about Iran

(minute 8:50 of the clip)

Let me say couple of words about Iran. Here we got the leading State Sponsor of Terrorism They have been war with United States for over 34 years, they are the ones who took our embassy in Tehran, blew out our embassy in Beirut, we know, we have proof, positive, they have caused thousands of deaths in Iraq and you should never forget that they were found guilty in the New York district court by Judge George Daniel for providing material and training support to the 911 hijackers. So here we have this Administration so eager to sit down and sign a document to negotiate, which make no sense. What would that agreement with Iran mean? The Islamic principle of Taqiyya would apply, lying to advance the cause of Islam. This makes no sense, though what we are going to do about it. You folks are part of the solution, we need to press on and with Larry’s help and his people we can make a difference, we can make changes, nothing less is acceptable.

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