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2014 State Of The Union Address – Obama’s Speech on Iran

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To Obama:
1) Most of the US sanctions on Iran during the past years came from the Congress and you were forced by pressure from Senate to reluctantly approve them, so please don’t take the credit for others’ effort.

2) Soviet Union leaders were accepted by the world communities because they acted within the international norm, their government was terrestrial, not an apocalyptic religious regime like the extra-terrestrial IRI, who claims they take their orders from beyond earth (i.e., God), and was not described by the US State Department as an “active state sponsor of terrorism.”

3) If Mullahs fully comply with the materials of the “Sucker’s Deal”, it wouldn’t qualify them to join the community of nations! What about their violation of Human Rights against its own people? their act of terrorism across the globe? their meddling in the neighboring counties?

4) You define leadership as to free people from fear and want, but your action contradicts your talks. You probably remember the Iranian oppositions plead for your support in June 2009 and you ignored them and decided to shake hand with the terrorist regime of Iran. You remember in Egypt you supported Muslim Brotherhood led by Morsi against the will of Egyptian people. You cannot forget the out-loud scream of the Syrian people for 3 years for your support and you turned your back on them. And the list goes on. ….

5) You believe that for the sake of national security, we must give diplomacy a chance, i.e., diplomacy with the Iranian Mullahs. Since when it has become an international norm for the civilized countries to negotiate with terrorists? Since when for the world leaders tackling terrorism problem has found its way through compromising and negotiating methods! [DID]

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