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The Irony of Obama’s Foreign Policy

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There is no doubt about the fact that the Islamic regime in Iran is the mother of all terrorism in the world for more than three decades since its establishment in Iran. The regime has carried out numerous acts of terrorism against the US interests directly by the IRGC militias or indirectly through its terrorist proxies Hezbollah, which ended up with the death of hundreds of American soldiers and servicemen across the Middle East. The mullahs’ regime has been meddling in neighboring countries from Lebanon and Gaza Strip to Iraq and Afghanistan and Arabian Peninsula. The IRI benefits from creating chaos and disorder among Arab world. The IRI has officially been labeled as a State sponsored terrorism by the US State of Department.

The Islamic regime has largely expanded its authority in Syria, which is considered its most important battlefront today. By sending Islamic IRGC militias and Hezbollah guerrillas to Syria, the mullahs in Tehran have managed to keep Assad’s regime in place.

On his speech on Wednesday at West Point, Mr. Obama said “For the foreseeable future the most direct threat to America at home and abroad remains terrorism.” He singled out Syria, which he said was becoming a haven for extremists and pledged to ramp up support for Syria’s opposition fighters.

Now contemplate this scenario: Obama has been using a stretched-hand and appeasing policy toward mullahs’ regime to curb its nuclear arms program, while in the meantime the mullahs’ militia terrorists are fighting in Syria against the Syrian oppositions, whom the US administration pledges to provide support for! The irony of this foreign policy cannot be missed!

The Iranian mullahs have claimed the country Syria as their own 32nd state and will spend the financial support they receive from US through the sanction relief to strengthen their position in Syrian battlefront till a complete victory for Bashar Al-Assad is accomplished. US also provide materials support and conventional warfare for the Syrian oppositions who are fighting with the mullahs’ militias. In other word, US is playing the part of dare devil pursuing a paradoxical policy that provide fuels to the war to keep its flame burning, which only result in unleashing the force of a broader terrorism that can easily spread beyond the regional borders. Go Figure! [DID]

It’s rare when a commencement speaker tells graduates he’s doing his best to diminish their career opportunities. Yet to a military stretched thin by a decade at war, President Barack Obama’s message at West Point’s graduation was doubtless welcome.

“U.S. military action cannot be the only — or even primary — component of our leadership in every instance,” Obama said. In laying out his vision for the U.S. role in the world, the president aimed for the well-trod high ground between isolationists and interventionists. His last effort to get there, a peevish exposition at a news conference in the Philippines, wasn’t very convincing. His presentation was more polished today, but it’s unlikely to tamp down criticism of his conduct of foreign policy as weak, indecisive and unconvincing. Read more…


Secret Diplomacy to Seal Iran Appeasement

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The Obama administration should be fool to trust Mullahs’ promises to come clean on their nuclear activities. In sealing the agreement with Mullahs, the administration must mind the Shiite doctrine of deceit called “taqiyya”, which is the Shiite religious rationale for concealment or dissimulation in political affairs. This doctrine has not been discussed much in the West, but it should be.

Many governments lie about strategic secrets, especially secrets about nuclear weapons. Mullahs’ approach to its nuclear ambitions, however, is a different form of deception and denial. Western negotiators must be mindful, not only of the technical side of Iran’s nuclear program, but the historical evolution of taqiyya. The teachings of Jafar al-Sadiq, the sixth Shiite imam, emphasize taqiyya as a political tool. “Befriend people on the surface, and keep your grudges and intentions hidden,” he advised. He also defined the relationship between the Shiite and other Muslims: “Being double-faced with one’s own takes one outside the bounds of faith, but with others (with non-Shiites) is a form of worship.”

Taqiyya is one component of the faith, and the Shiites are instructed to practice it until the time the Mahdi (Islamic Shiite Messiah) returns. Until that moment occurs, the Shiite faithful are obliged to practice taqiyya in their dealings with other Muslims, as well as with non-Muslims. There are two different value systems at work here, the policies of the West and of the IAEA that are driven by the concept of transparency as a key doctrine of modernity and modern states, and the one from Mullahs’ perspective, “nuclear” taqiyya, which is a must and can easily discredit the results of the investigation by the West and the outcome wouldn’t be anything less than nuclear-armed Mullahs. [DID]

The latest round of nuclear talks between the West and Iran ended earlier this month without the progress toward an agreement that many had anticipated. Though the United States and its allies seem eager to sign a deal that will put a fig leaf of non-proliferation on an Iranian nuclear program that they are content to leave in place, Tehran has picked up on Washington’s zeal for a deal and is doing what its negotiators have done best for over a decade: stalling. With the international sanctions regime already starting to take on water after last November’s interim agreement that loosened the economic restrictions on Iran, the Islamist regime knows it is in a far stronger position than its Western counterparts.

But rather than reacting to this dismal situation by rethinking his approach, President Obama seems determined to double down on his determination to get a deal. Read more…


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Obama has no sense of what he wants to do in the world; he wants to have as little as possible to do with it until he gets out of office. As Syria showed, while he might want to leave the world alone, the world doesn’t seem to feel the same way about the United States. As for Iran, while the administration thinks it has bought six months of “wait and see,” the reality is that, when the clock stops ticking, the West will be no more confident it can shut down the Mullahs’ nuclear program than it is now. His vision of a low-risk and run-out-the-clock strategy made him incapable to stop Russia from annexing Crimea. It’s hard to see that Obama’s foreign policy leading anywhere but nowhere. This is a suggestion for him by some folks: There is just too much time left in office to coast till the end, pack up the Nobel Prize, and move back to Hawaii. [DID]

Confronting critics of his foreign policy, President Barack Obama will soon outline a strategy for his final years in office that aims to avoid overreach as the second of the two wars he inherited comes to a close.

The president will make the case for that seemingly more limited approach during a commencement address Wednesday at the U.S. Military Academy at West Point. The speech will come amid growing frustration in the White House with Republicans and other critics who contend that Obama has weakened America’s standing around the world and faltered on problems across the Middle East and in Russia, China and elsewhere. Read more…

“Happy” Song – The Mullah Version

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Bill Maher discusses, “Happy,” by Pharrell Williams on Real Time with Bill Maher in HBO.

Americans Should Embrace Wealth Redistribution Or There Will Be Blood

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The capitalist system is in crisis and this crisis is not going to go away any time soon. This is a system in which a handful of unelected bankers, capitalists, speculators and thieves are the ones taking decisions affecting the livelihoods and jobs of hundreds of millions, who are left having no say in the matter. People are asking for regulating Capitalism since they believe the capitals of 1% rich are accumulated upon the poverty burden of the 99% poor. Capitalism needs regulation, otherwise it turn the society into a jungle of inhumanity, in which greed and corruption would be the energy converter for the people to compete wickedly against each other to win big and bigger with no respect for morality and humanity . We are witnessing this wickedness characteristic of Capitalism in every aspect of life in our everyday society.

Regulation on Capitalism should provide filtration through each step of the way for the capitalist in accumulating his wealth. The function of this filter is to purify Capitalism from corruption and greed, which may have inter-dimensional roots in economics, politics, etc.  Here I just suffice to give an example in politics dimension. A rich person due to his power and money would be able to influence the congressmen, senators, and public voting to have the policies and measures changed to his benefits. Thus the system becomes a main source of protection and promotion of rich people’s assets and the quality of their lives while the concern about the standards of living for majority poor is left behind. The rich get richer and poor get poorer and the gap between these two sectors of societies become wider every day. It reminds me of a jungle of animals, the stronger animal gets better food, and the weak animals remain hungry. The job of such filter on Capitalism, which we call regulation, would be to remove the system deficiencies, in this case to disconnect any such fraudulent advantage for the rich person and force the system to treat him the same as an ordinary person who belongs to 99% poor. Similarly in the process of presidential election, a candidate who is supported financially by the rich people, i.e., special interest groups, simply because of using broader resources at his exposure gets a better chance of getting elected and go to White House, so here again the necessity of using the imposition of a similar regulation seems inevitable.

I am sure the greedy capitalist people do not like what I just wrote, as Gandhi observed:  “There is enough to meet everyone’s need, but not enough to meet everyone’s greed”. Hencethe task of regulating policies beyond imposing the amended policies and regulations would further involves educating people to change from being a self-interest person toward being a human who care for well-beings of other people as well. We haven’t come to this world to just compete against each other on accumulating wealth for ourselves and at the end die with no purpose other than leaving a pile-up fortune behind us. We are here to be a better person for ourselves and others, to care about our fellow human, to provide opportunities for others, to educate the ignorant people how to be useful in their lives, to think and provide the pursuit of happiness for everybody. It is then and only then that life would be better, richer, fuller and more meaningful for everyone.  [DID]

A journalist who has published a new work focused on American income inequality believes that the U.S. had better embrace wealth redistribution or prepare for a revolution that will be “the bloodiest thing the world has even seen.”

Pulitzer-prize winning journalist David Cay Johnston put together “Divided: The Perils of Our Growing Income Inequality” to increase focus on income inequality, a favorite Democrat talking point.

The collection of essays, speeches and excerpts is described by the liberal blog Salon as a “kind of inequality reader.” In a lengthy interview with the blog, Johnston lends insight to the thinking behind the left’s championing of forced wealth redistribution.

Because the 99 percent might do something more intense than wrecking parks, getting pepper sprayed and playing bongos next time:

We will either, through peaceful, rational means, go back to a system that does not take from the many to give to the few in all these subtle ways, or we will end up like 18th century France. And if we end up in that awful condition, it will be the bloodiest thing the world has even seen. Read more…

Video: Islam is NOT for Me (song with lyrics)

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The doctrine of Islam is submission. The Qur’an orders Muslims to submit and obey. There is no choice in Islam. Where there is no choice, there is no freedom. Therefore, where there is Islam there will be no democracy.

Muslims live in social, economic, intellectual, and religious poverty. Islamic society has never been able to create a productive economy. For its first 1300 years, Islam survived on the taxes and plunder confiscated from conquered peoples. In the last 100 years it has nourished itself on oil. No oil, no Islam.

Islam has been breeding in tyranny and terror. Tyranny and terror are expensive, unable to give his followers a reason to live, Muhammad gave them a reason to fight and die, the rewards in paradise for martyrs.

Despite what you have heard, Islam is not a peaceful religion, on the contrary it is the cruelest and most inhuman religion existed, following is a small list of the punishments in Islam.

  1. Penalty (Jihad and Plunder) for Unbelievers  ( Surah  9:33; 33:25-27)
  2. Penalty (death) for Apostasy and  leaving Islam (Surah 9:11,12,14; 4:89)
  3. Penalty (death) Critic of Islam (Surah 33:57-60)
  4. Penalty (Whipping) for Unmarried sex in Islam (Surah 24:2)
  5. Penalty (Execution) for Homosexuals (Surah 7:80-84)
  6. Penalty (Cut off hands)for Theft (Surah 5:38)
  7. Islam allows Retaliation, i.e., physical eye for eye(Surah 5:45)
  8. Islam allows husbands to Hit their wives (Surah 4:34)
  9. Penalty (whipping) for drinkers and gamblers (Surah 5:90-91)


Is Democracy Over?

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Is democracy over

A healthy democratic nation requires having truly responsible voting citizens. For real democracy to flourish in a society, it is imperative of-the-people, by-the-people, honest, and responsible leaders to reclaim the civilization. Genuine system of democracy will not take place in a society run by bunch of greedy and corrupt politicians who have bought their votes or have been bought to get elected.

The characteristics of quality democracies are Rule of Law, Accountability, Responsiveness, Equality, and Freedom. In theocratic regimes like Iran the rule of law is claimed to be extraterrestrial and is not inspired by the people, so here talking about democracy is absurd and irrelevant. In American democracy, we see NSA ignores the restriction of the arbitrary exercise of power, its metadata collection is a violation of the 4th amendment. No one is accountable for any event under Obama’s watch, not Benghazi, not IRS, not NSA, etc. Obama’s Foreign policy is not responsive to world chaos and crises from Syria to Ukraine. It is now commonplace to say American inequality has reached a peak not seen since the roaring 1920s. And finally United States’ Press freedom ranking drops sharply to # 46 out of 180 countries. [DID]

homas Meaney and Yascha Mounk argue in a long essay in The Nation that the democratic moment is passing if it has not yet passed. The sweep of their essay is broad. Alexis de Tocqueville saw American democracy replacing the age of European aristocracy. He worried that democratic equality would be unable to preserve the freedoms associated with Aristocratic individualism, but he knew that the move from aristocracy to democracy was unstoppable. So today, Meaney and Mounk write, we are witnessing the end of the age of democracy and equality. This is so, they suggest, even if we do not yet know what will replace it.

Meaney and Mounk build their argument on a simple critical insight, a kind of “unmasking” of what might be called the hypocrisy of modern democracy. Democracy is supposed to be the will of the people. Read more…

Iran under Mullahs’ Regime: A Land, Where Joy Ceases to Exist

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Iranian Happy dancers

This is the problem: More than three decades ago bunch of 1400-years old Islamic dinosaurs with the help of Foreign Powers led by U.S. have occupied our country Iran, took over the government, and imposed a martial law on the citizens based on the Islamic (Shia) Sharia. Islamic Sharia feeds and nurture on people’s sadness and grief, like vampires who die in sunlight they are vulnerable to happiness of life, which is why they have banned people from sharing joy and cheer. Iranian people on other hand have had a long history in celebrating the life; they used to feast every happy occasion of their lives, now trapped in the dark cell of  Sharia law.

The problem will be solved when Iranian get united and rise against these Islamic zombies and kicked them and their Arabic culture out of the Persian land back to where they have come from, and establish back their Persian culture, which is based on felicity and prosperity, and take their fate in their own hands. You know what, that day is not too far to come. [DID]

Update: The video’s director remains in detention. “Happy” Prisoners were Forced to Squat Naked in front of Female Officers ……. (for update refer to the bottom of this article)

A few weeks ago, a music video of a group of Iranian youths dancing to the hit Pharrell Williams song “Happy” was the talk of the Persian social media sphere. It offered a view of an Iran that isn’t normally seen in the West—young, energetic, and plugged in to global culture. 

Now the video’s stars appear to be in trouble. A video circulating on social media shows them under arrest and forced to speak on Iranian state television. Read more…

U.S. Has Given Asylum to Top Terrorist of Islamic Regime of Iran

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Brigadier General Ali-Reza Asgari was an Iranian general of the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps, deputy defense minister, and cabinet member of Iranian President Mohammad Khatami

Brigadier General Ali-Reza Asgari was an Iranian general of the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps, deputy defense minister, and cabinet member of Iranian President Mohammad Khatami

US has a history in making ties with global criminals and terrorists, Jimmy Carter was one of the pioneers in making such ties with the mothers of all terrorists, “Khomeini” and Ben-Laden, in fact he was the one who created them, whose adverse inspirations for more than three decades has fomented the Islamic radicals against the democratic world as we witness today.

US has no shame in sacrificing its own public servants to get its hand over the core elements of terrorism, not to punish them but to protect them, shelter them, and use them for their political purposes. American people haven’t forgotten the death, of their soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan by the IRI-made IEDs, of their marines in Beirut by suicide bombing executed by the IRI’s terror proxy Islamic Jihad Org, and of their servicemen by bomb in Khobar Towers by the IRI-supported groups of Hezbollah. In response, Ronald Reagan secretly facilitates the sale of arms to Mullahs (Iran-contra scandal), and sends them a group who carried a bible and his handwritten verse and a Key-shaped cake to symbolize the anticipated “opening” to Iran. During the presidency term of Bill Clinton, he shows his inclination to unite with terrorist mullahs and send Mullah Khatami the message “I would like nothing better than to have a dialogue with Iran”. GWB facilitates the largest US export ever to Iran and his administration gives asylum to IRI terrorist. Obama on other hand uses outstretched-hand policy to engage and bind with terrorist Mullahs.

This is a response pattern of 5 US presidents in a row in dealing with the global terrorism, as a result the spread of the radical Islamic groups of all kinds led by the IRI’ terror proxies and Al-Qaeda takes over the whole world, which has become an insecure place to live for the citizen of earth. The chaos and disorder that has entangled the Middle East in particular and the world in general is merely due to the wrongdoing policies of the US leaders whose scope of their strategies spans over preserving the interests of small groups, while puts enormous burdens on the shoulders of the mankind community. [DID]

The senior former Iranian intelligence officer who quarterbacked the 1983 bombing of the U.S. embassy in Beirut and killed scores of Americans was recently living under CIA protection in the United States, a book being published Tuesday says.

Ali Reza Asgari was given asylum by the George W. Bush administration in 2007 after he defected in Turkey, according to The Good Spy, a biography of Robert Ames, a legendary CIA officer who was among those killed in the embassy bombing. In all, 63 people died, 17 of them Americans, including seven other CIA officers. Ames, who had been the agency’s Beirut station chief, was visiting the embassy as the CIA’s top Middle East analyst.  Read more…

Iranian Mullahs are at Breaking Point Under US Sanctions

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Just to be clear here, the credit for Iran sanctions doesn’t go to the Obama Administration; in fact the White House and State Department were all along against imposing any sanctions on Iran. The architect of crippling sanctions was actually the Congress that worked hard against the administration to pass the sanctions. [DID]

At the car repair shop on Soreana Avenue in central Tehran, Homayoon is happy to talk; after all, there is not much else to do. Business is bad, he says, as he wipes his hands with an oily cloth. It’s the same for everybody.

“It’s not good at all. Petrol is expensive, so people drive less, so they break down less,” Homayoon says. Wearing a grubby red T-shirt advertising Axol Lubes, he laughs and shrugs when asked whether American sanctions are to blame for high prices and lack of customers.

“Of course it’s sanctions!” interrupts Ali, another mechanic. “The economy is sick. My friends have small businesses like this one. Electricity is up 25%, water up 30%, petrol up 75%, business tax up, VAT up. Interest rates are 25%, so they can’t borrow. They can’t handle it,” he says. Read more…

Hillary Clinton Celebrates the Iran Sanctions That Her State Department Tried to Stop

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During her tenure as Secretary of State besides bunch of empty rhetoric such as those of GWB’s “To Iranians freedom fighters, you are not alone,  ……. US stand with you. blah blah”, which every time ended up with more mass murder of young Iranians by the brutal IRI regime, Hillary Clinton never did anything genuine for the benefits of the oppressed people of Iran. Not only she did not help the Iranian grassroots with their struggle for reaching freedom and democracy but literally promoted the trend of brain drain in Iran by encouraging Iranian students to get out of their country and come and study in the United States. In other words, this is what she really meant: “Hey kids you are not going to have a land for living and studying for some years if not decades to come, so get ready to get out of that country!!!! See we are here to help you out!”

Like her x-boss, Obama, Hillary has followed appeasement policy in dealing with the terrorist mullahs in Iran and on many occasions has expressed her inclination for bilateral talks with them. Furthermore at some point of her tenure she expressed her faith in criminals Mir Hussein Mousavi and Karoubi and hoped for some effort by them to take hold of the apparatus of the state.

Hilary’s claim on taking credit for imposing sanctions on Iran to force mullahs to come to the negotiation table is ridiculous and just propaganda. Records show that most (if not all) of the US sanctions on Iran during the past years came from the Congress, whereas opposing administration and State Department were forced by pressure from Senate to reluctantly approve them.

As with her x-boss, Hillary’s vision of America’s role in the world does not go beyond “leading from behind”, which characterizes her passivity, submissiveness, and lacking any guiding strategy. The State Department response to North Korea’s defiance (launching multiple rockets & conducting a nuclear test) was a defensive crouch that Hillary called “strategic patience”. Her knowledge of the vulnerability of the American diplomats in Benghazi and her carelessness to do anything about it, which resulted in their death, is her pattern of indecisiveness in pivotal national matters. It was she who pushed a “reset “button on the Russian-American relationship, a gesture that has been followed by broad hostility and calculated Russian oppositions to American interests.

There are strong rumors that Hillary is getting ready for the 2016 Presidential election; she has already started to present herself as a candidate. So be careful don’t be fooled by political gesture of Hillary, she has shown herself to the world as a feckless State Department Secretary during the first term of Obama Presidency. Her role as a president would even be worse than of Obama’s, if Obama is the king of inaction she would be the queen of indecision. [DID]

The former Secretary of State claimed Wednesday she was responsible for tough sanctions on Iran. But while they were being crafted, her State Department opposed them again and again.

Hillary Clinton is now claiming to be the architect of crippling sanctions on the Iranian economy. But during her tenure as Secretary of State, her department repeatedly opposed or tried to water down an array of measures that were pushed into law by Democrats and Republicans in Congress.

Speaking at the American Jewish Committee on Wednesday, Clinton said that she and President Obama faced a “hard choice” when deciding to both reach out to Iran and increase the pressure on the Iranian government and economy, a not so subtle pitch for her upcoming memoir Hard Choices, which hits bookstores next month. She portrayed the multi-year effort to impose several increasingly tough sanctions measures against Iran as largely led by the administration. Read more…

Setting Up a Rotten Iran Deal – The Fix is in to Silence Critics

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Nuclear Free World

You can hear the wheels clunking into place in Vienna and in Foggy Bottom. There is plenty of evidence that the fix is in to silence critics and sell a rotten deal with Iran or simply negotiate ad infinitum.

As we noted, Iran is currently notcomplying with the interim deal. If there are no headlines such as “Iran won’t comply!” or presidential speeches warning that Iran must comply with inspections and cooperate with the International Atomic Energy Agency forthwith, you know it is because the administration and its acolytes fear failure to make a deal much more than they fear a threshold Iranian nuclear weapons capability.

David Albright and Bruno Tertrais warn: Read more…