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A Symbol of Freedom that Never Dies


Friday (yesterday) was the 5th anniversary of Neda’s death.  On June 20, 2009, a regime’s thug fired a bullet through the 26-year-old’s heart as she stood watching protests against the blatant election fraud that had secured victory for a presidential candidate backed by regime’s leader, Ali Khamenei. Video of her dying moments went viral, and Neda became a global symbol of the upraised movement, as the Iranian people called their movement to topple a regime capable of such bloody deeds. 

The Islamic regime is scared to death of the name “NEDA”, which in Persian means “Voice”, a voice that inspires people to rise up and overthrow this criminal and terrorist Islamic regime once and for all and take their faith in their own hands. Yesterday the Islamic thuggish militia has blocked the way of the people who were on their way to cemetery to pay their respect to Neda. News indicates that some of the people were arrested.

Soon or later the time for the regime’s fall will come, on that day the world will witness that every single mullah will be hanged from one tree in Tehran. That is the least punishment for the hundreds of thousands of murders of Iranians by this barbarian regime. This regime is just like a cancer, to treat the cancer it is imperative to kill the tumor, that is why we have to remove the Islamic regime tumor from the body of the society, it would be a big-time favor not only for Iran and Iranians but for the global peace and security. [DID]

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