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Historic Video Clip: Bill Clinton and North Korea’s Nuclear Agreement

Speech by Bill Clinton 0n 21 October 1994 on how the world is a safer place based on the “good deal” with North Korea, preventing it from obtaining nuclear weapons. On October 9, 2006, North Korea announced that it had successfully conducted its first nuclear test. Barack Obama has just made the same speech regarding Iran.

The planet earth and its citizens are living in hell due the lack of effective and capable world leaders, what we have instead are bunch of political dwarfs who are nothing more than elected mercenaries and puppets of the rich sectors, whose only purpose are to preserve their empires of wealth with the cost of pain and suffering burdened on shoulders of the world grassroots. 

About two decades ago Bill Clinton’s imprudence paved the way for N Korea to become an atomic power; today we are witnessing the Obama’s naivety and incompetence is setting the stepping stones for the Iranian mullahs to get access to nuclear weapon. History is doomed to repeat itself. Obama says that our deal with Iranian regime will conclude not based on trust but on evidence and verification. Obama’s remark is obviously absurd when at the same time the IAEA agency asserts that as long as the Iranian regime is not ready to voluntarily declare its clandestine atomic activities and sites we have no other way to be able to announce the peaceful purpose of Iran’s nuclear program. Go figure. [DID]

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