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The Blame Does not Go to the Liar Son of Bitch Javad Zarif

May 1, 2015 Leave a comment

Javad Zarif, the foreign minister of the terrorist Islamic regime of Iran tells Rose we have no political prisoners in Iran.


The blame does not go to the liar son of bitch Javad Zarif but to the unregulated system of Capitalism in USA that for preserving the wealth empire of 1% rich allows the rights of oppressed people to be trampled by the criminal and terrorist regime of Iran in such an absurd and preposterous interview.  Charlie Rose is just one of the parasitic mercenaries at the disposal of such a system who just does his given task.

Otherwise in a genuine interview, the interviewer does his homework well and compiles the list of hundreds if not thousands of the political prisoners in Iran ready and handy before the interview, to decry and expose the liar. [DID]