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Humanity Washed Ashore, Who are to Blame for this Tragedy?

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A Turkish gendarmerie stands next to a young migrant, who drowned in a failed attempt to sail to the Greek island of Kos, as he lies on the shore in the coastal town of Bodrum, Turkey.

Imagine different gangs in a suburb of a city get into a severe fight against each other, in this fight the citizens of the suburb get hurt and forced to leave the battle field. The authority in the city instead of going after the gangs and arrest them, they actually cave in to the gangs and let them fight against each other. Moreover the city establishment on one hand provides lodging and food for the displaced people and on other hand makes arms available at the gangs’ disposal to agitate the ongoing fight.

This scenario is exactly similar to what is happening in the Middle and Near East and in particular in Syria for the last few years, the war continues among dictator Asad’s forces, different rural, sectional, and religious fanatics, inevitably forcing people to move out of the country. The free world provides the refugees with lodging and food on one hand, but delivers arms, through their local state actors, to the sectarians on the other hand, which agitates the local conflict into a regional war. In other word, the free world endorses the ongoing war in the region.

The haunting image of a small boy lying face down in the sand reflects the horrible story of human tragedy, but where the blame goes to? The greedy corrupted traffickers?, ISIS?, the cold-hearted killer Assad, or its blood sucker saver IRI regime? maybe none of them, because they are the wicked symbols of our civilization, and they continue to exist as long as they don’t see any accountability for their heinous acts. So who gets to be blamed for this human tragedy? Three possible scenarios can be looked into:

  1. Have you ever thought about why the western leaders who once fought hard and harsh against communism expansion, now they have become the appeasers and cave in to radical Islamists and show no resistance to the spread of the brutal religious war. Why instead of doing a root-cause analysis in order to locate the origin of the mayhem to rectify it, they become advocates of the chaos to continue. The justification for such behavior has root in the structure of capitalism, the former could endanger the fate of private enterprise, but the latter can actually promote it. (i.e., selling arms to radicals, annihilation of the young force and intellects in a 3rd world nation makes its society fit for foreign exploitation, destruction of the urban development in those nations provides future investment opportunities for the westerners, etc.)
  2. The geopolitics of the free world dictates the dissolution, by the hands of the sectarians and dictator heads of local states, of the old colonial borders drawn by Sykes-Picot, the 1916 secret agreement between Britain and France, which contributes to the end of territories known as Middle and Near East, but also the emergence of new fault lines.
  3. The absence of leaders bothered by their conscience and the lack of effective response options has sapped the will of free world governments in responding to these unprecedented crimes against humanity.

In any of these 3 possible scenarios the free-world leaders are responsible since they are the guardians of democracy on our earth; they are the ones who must have a role in shaping the society of mankind toward betterment. Their negligence on this vital humanity issue must be questioned and hold accountable. [DID]

The pictures show a small boy lying face down in the sand on a Turkish beach as an official stands over him. The child, who is thought to be Syrian, has drowned in an apparent attempt to flee the war ravaging his country. They are extraordinary images and serve as a stark reminder that, as European leaders increasingly try to prevent refugees and migrants from settling in the continent, more and more refugees are dying in their desperation to flee persecution and reach safety.

It was decided to publish these images because, among the often glib words about the “ongoing migrant crisis”, it is all too easy to forget the reality of the desperate situation facing many refugees. The boy, pictured below being carried by the official, is one of 11 Syrian refugees feared dead after they drowned trying to cross the Mediterranean on two boats bound for the Greek island of Kos.

One of the boats was carrying six Syrians when it sank after leaving Akyarlar, in a desperate attempt to cross the 5km Aegean straight to Kos that represented their best chance of entering the EU. According to Turkey’s Dogan news agency, three children and a woman from the small boat drowned. Two people survived after swimming back to shore in life jackets.
Along with Afghan citizens, Syrians make up the bulk of the people fleeing conflict in their homeland to seek a safer home in Europe.


The boy was part of a group of 11 Syrians who drowned off the coastal town of Bodrum in Turkey after an apparent failed attempt to flee the war ravaged country.

But while images of desperate refugees emerge almost every day, the attitude of Europe’s policymakers and much of the public have continued to harden. In Britain, David Cameron and Philip Hammond have been criticised for the “dehumanising” language they use to describe refugees. The Prime Minister described migrants coming to the UK as a “swarm”, and later said he would not “allow people to break into our country”.

Hammond, the foreign secretary, said migrants were “marauding” around Calais. Amnesty International called his comments “shameful”. Hungary has continued to build its razor-wire fence blocking off the 170km length of its border with Serbia, and on Wednesday police in Budapest blocked migrants from boarding trains to Germany for a second day running.

Syrian children wash up on beach after drowning trying to reach Greek island

In the Czech Republic, some 200 migrants with valid train tickets were hauled off a train bound for Germany and given registration numbers, in permanent marker, written on their arms. In the Netherlands, the government has announced a toughening of its rules that would see failed asylum-seekers cut off from food and shelter within “a few weeks” of being handed a decision.


Thursday 03 September 2015

Source: The Independent


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