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Watch Hillary Endorse the Trans-Pacific Partnership 24 Times Before Coming Out Against It

Hillary has a record of flip-flopping on a number of issues, she simply cannot make crucial decision at critical moments; Trans Pacific Partnership is just tip of the iceberg.  She has shown herself to the world as a feckless State Department Secretary during the first term of Obama Presidency. Records show that most (if not all) of the US sanctions on Iran during the past years came from the Congress, whereas opposing administration and State Department were forced by pressure from Senate to reluctantly approve them.

Like her x-boss, Obama, Hillary has followed appeasement policy in dealing with the terrorist mullahs in Iran and on many occasions has expressed her inclination for bilateral talks with them. Furthermore at some point of her tenure she expressed her faith in criminals Mir Hussein Mousavi and Karoubi and hoped for some effort by them to take hold of the apparatus of the state.

In 2009 Iranian uprising, not only she did not help the Iranian grassroots with their struggle for reaching freedom and democracy but literally promoted the trend of brain drain in Iran by encouraging Iranian students & scholars to get out of their country and come and study in the United States. Leaving the country in the hands of terrorist mullahs and their enslaved masses.

The State Department response to North Korea’s defiance (launching multiple rockets & conducting a nuclear test) was a defensive crouch that Hillary called “strategic patience”. Her knowledge of the vulnerability of the American diplomats in Benghazi and her carelessness to do anything about it, which resulted in their death, is her pattern of indecisiveness in pivotal national matters. It was she who pushed a “reset “button on the Russian-American relationship, a gesture that has been followed by broad hostility and calculated Russian oppositions to American interests.

As with her x-boss, Hillary’s vision of America’s role in the world does not go beyond “leading from behind”, which characterizes her passivity, submissiveness, and lacking any guiding strategy. Her role as a president would even be worse than of Obama’s, if Obama is the king of inaction, which he is, she would be the queen of indecision. [DID]

Hillary Clinton was really, really behind the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) deal. Like, really. But then something changed. She decided to run for president again; and she needed something to distinguish herself, something distinctive — something even more distinctive than violating federal law.

So now she’s for the TPP. Saying the U.S. should embrace and modify the deal by turning “lemons into lemonade,” Clinton came out late last week in favor of the deal, on the advice of campaign advisers who think she needs a better strategy to stay in front of Bernie Sanders.

“Clinton’s main rival for the Democratic presidential nomination, Bernie Sanders — he leads her in New Hampshire and is nipping at her heels in Iowa — has called the deal ‘disastrous’ for American workers,” National Review explained Wednesday. “On Wednesday morning, he urged Clinton, who has been quiet on the TPP for months, to take a public stand.”

So she did — that very same day. “What I know about it, as of today, I am not in favor of what I have learned about it … I don’t believe it’s going to meet the high bar I have set,” she declared.

Because she essentially capitulated to an upstart candidate by adopting his views, Clinton laid herself open to the kind of excoriation that only the Internet can provide — and it didn’t disappoint. In no time, a mashup video showing Clinton endorsing the TPP deal, over and over and over again, began crisscrossing social media.

And these are just the video clips. CNN unearthed 45 occasions, back in June, when the former secretary of state strongly endorsed the TPP.




Personal Liberty

October 08, 2015


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