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The Terrorist Iran’s Regime Calls U.S. World’s Top Terrorism Supporter

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Criminal Mostafa Pour Mohammadi, known as the minister of death, who has had direct participation in murdering thousands of political prisoners in Iran

Criminal Mostafa Pour Mohammadi, IRI’s Justice Minister, known as the minister of death, who has had direct participation in murdering thousands of political prisoners in Iran.

The criminal regime of IRI is telling the truth. In 1979 the Islamic revolution and the IRI regime have been helped by U.S. financially and strategically and were given the required potential to be imposed upon the people of Iran against their freewill. Since then U.S. has been supporting the terrorist regime of mullahs in Iran for more than 3 decades. The regime suppresses the Iranian people by resorting to arbitrary arrest, detention, rape, torture, and extrajudicial executions while at the same time Uncle Sam makes sure that the mullahs have all the logistic and strategies at their disposal to hold on power through imposing terror, violence, and fear among its public. And when the Iranian oppositions in Tehran streets started shouting “Obama you are either with us or with them”, the U.S. president turned his back on them and chose to extend his hand out to terrorist mullahs.

During the last 37 years U. S. has indirectly allowed the Iran’s regime to spread its Islamic hegemonic policies throughout the Middle East (e.g., U.S. withdrew its force from Iraq and let the IRI regime to take over the country’s government) by training its proxy militants and promoting Jihadist ideology in the region from Mediterranean to Persian Gulf. In other word U.S. has used Iran as the main source of training Islamic radical groups in the region, better to say uses the regime as a wrecking ball to demolish the Middle East infrastructures. Apocalyptic Iran’s regime has hailed its destructive role in the region since it is in its belief that revolutionary imamate should rule until the Islamic dreamland could be fully achieved and Shi’a Messiah or Mahdi emerges from a utopian state of supernatural to presage the end of days.

Regardless, the conduct of the Mullahs in Iran has never been fully understood by the West that at some point of time this wrecking ball puppet could eventually backfire on its puppeteers by catching them off guard with no chance to respond. On the contrary U.S. develops an Iran deal to rescue the regime from economic bankruptcy and provide it with enough financial support to continue its Islamic hegemonic doctrine. This policy of the World Powers led by U.S. is part of their long term new-world-order strategy in the Middle East, which will take a decade of regional destruction and fatality for them to be able to reap any benefits. [DID]

The head of Iran’s Justice Minister on Friday called the United States the world’s top supporter of terrorism and drug trafficker, according to regional reports.

Mostafa Pour-Mohammadi, Iran’s Justice Minister, made the remarks while in Russia for a meeting with his counterparts.

“I want to say that we perceive the United States as country supporting terrorism and spread of narcotic substances,” Pour-Mohammadi was quoted as saying in Iran’s state-controlled press.

In Afghanistan, for instance, drug production has increased exponentially since U.S. forces invaded the country, Pour-Mohammadi claimed.

“Today, financial support and supply of weapons [to terror groups] are carried out either by the United States or by its allies,” the leader added.

The Iranian official is in Russia for a meeting to discuss global corruption.



Washington Free Beacon
November 6, 2015


Original topic: Iran Calls U.S. World’s Top Terrorism Supporter, Drug Trafficker


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