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The Hostage Terrorism Act of Islamic Regime in Iran Remains Unpunished

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American hostages are paraded by their militant captors

American hostages are paraded by their militant captors

The Islamic regime in Iran does not pay anything in compensation for its hostage terrorism act, in which 53 American diplomats were held hostages in Tehran in 1979.

As part of a resolution passed by Congress last Friday and signed by US administration, provisions are made that allows the release of $ 4.4 million as compensation to 53 American hostages. However the undermined important point is that the money is not taken from the Iranian seized assets but from the penalties paid by and after French bank BNP Paribas were found violating American economic sanction against Iran.  

Algiers Accords has been a big obstacle against the American hostages’ claim for any compensation from the terrorist regime in Iran. The US courts have repeatedly denied their lawsuits over the past years. Based on this accord US would not take any political, military, or financial reprisal against Iran.

As such the hostage terrorism act of the criminal Islamic regime in Iran remains unpunished.  United States has consistently come short against the mullahs’ regime’s violation of international law from the get go. [DID]

WASHINGTON — After spending 444 days in captivity, and more than 30 years seeking restitution, the Americans taken hostage at the United States Embassy in Tehran in 1979 have finally won compensation.

Buried in the huge spending bill signed into law last Friday are provisions that would give each of the 53 hostages or their estates up to $4.4 million. Victims of other state-sponsored terrorist attacks such as the 1998 American Embassy bombings in East Africa would also be eligible for benefits under the law.

“I had to pull over to the side of the road, and I basically cried,” said Rodney V. Sickmann, who was a Marine sergeant working as a security guard at the embassy in Tehran when he was seized along with the other Americans by a mob that overran the compound on Nov. 4, 1979. Read more…


Why the Iranians?

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In a recent article (posted at the end of this article) in The Guardian the writer criticizes the US congress for passing an amendment to remove the Visa Waiver program that would affect the travel of Iranians in diaspora to U.S., questioning why Iranian Americans should be punished and not the Saudis who were the ones who participated in 911 act of terrorism. Furthermore, the writer claimed that Iranians has never been part of any act of terrorism in the world, why they should be penalized. I couldn’t leave my comment on the article since the comment section was closed at the time, so I decided to post my reflection on the article in here.


In global communities’ point of view, a State is considered terrorist if its government is involved in an act of terrorism, and not by its people. And unfortunately when such State is considered as a terrorist State, its whole people are going to be tagged with label “terrorist” as a collateral damage. But the reverse is not true, for example in every democratic country such as an European country there are underground terrorists but that doesn’t label that country as a terrorist State, it is the same for a totalitarian regime like Saudi Arabia. Even though the participant Jihadists in 911 were mainly from Saudi Arabia but this act of terrorism was not counted on behalf of its government.


In case of Iran the issue is more complex. Iran is more than a terrorist State, it is considered as a rogue State. Read more…

The Kind of President We Need

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President Franklin Roosevelt, getting drought information first-hand from families in Julesburg, Colorado in 1936

An effective leadership must have a direction and a strategy to make thing happen. It should engage today’s talent and not stone-age’s wisdom like the kind of pro-Islamic incompetent governance that we are witnessing in White House today. It should present a policy of openness and transparency to promote individuals’ rights and freedom of expression contrary to the kind of political-correctness dogma that has been imposed upon the American society by the current administration to the point that many adherents of political correctness reject free speech, which has now seized hold of national attention.

A post-Obama president, on domestic issues, from economic, education, and health reform, to immigration rules and gun control, to homeland security, etc., should have the will to do all in his/her power to guarantee the well-being of the American people. On foreign policy, he should re-establish American influence, lead and not follow multilateral bodies, restore defense strength, and commit to the eradication of Islamist terror in all its manifestations, and above all should support the Iranian dissidents in their efforts to change the theocratic regime of Iran, which is known as the main source of global terrorism, for a secular democratic government. [DID]

Many Americans are mad as hell at our political leaders — both Republican and Democrat — and are giving voice to their anger through the likes of Donald Trump and Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.). The anger is understandable. The federal government is paralyzed, unable to tackle any of the major problems facing our country or even accomplish basic functions such as enacting annual budgets for federal departments and agencies. The anger derives equally from governmental ineptitude, arrogance and corruption, and self-serving politicians more concerned with getting reelected than with the nation’s future.

The next president will face major domestic problems, as well as the challenges posed by Iran, Russia, China, North Korea, terrorism and a Middle East in turmoil. What kind of qualities should we be looking for in a new chief executive? Based on my experience working for eight presidents, of both political parties, here is my take: Read more…

San Bernardino Rampage Had Islamic Radicalism Tie

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Obama administration and the liberal democrats sympathize with Islamist extremists and blame the San Bernardino on gun violence. Denial and political correctness have become their default strategies. FBI and LAPD are saying they are looking for a motive behind the deadliest U.S. mass shooting in nearly three years.

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that the rampage was an act of terrorism and furthermore has been committed by Islamist extremists.  An investigation into the shooters’ car and home by authorities uncovered thousands of ammunition and arsenal of explosives, which justifies the fact that the rage was indeed a planned act of terrorism.

Father of San Bernardino shooting suspect (Syed Rizwan) says shooter is a “very religious” Muslim. He says “My son was very religious. He would go to work, come back, go to pray, come back.”  Rizwan was ‘radicalized’ & Communicated With terrorism actors. Syed Rizwan Farook was heavily involved in his local mosque and focused his energies on memorizing the Quran, he wrote in a short-lived dating profile in 2013. The wife of Rizwan, Tashfeen Malik has also pledged allegiance to ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi to deliver her loyalty and support for ISIS. That is enough to say that both suspects were indeed Islamist extremists. 

The Islamic suspects were a newlywed couple who left their 6-months old baby with their grandma before their take off for their non-return journey of cold-blooded murder. This means that both suspects were not just Muslim but Radical Muslim, why? because their motive was something way bigger than their love for their baby. For genuine Muslims (wrongly called radical Muslims) such motive in nothing but to obey their Alah’s order, taking part in Jihad against the infidels, where Quran (8:12) sys: “I will cast terror into the hearts of those who disbelieve, thus strike off their heads.”

The truth about the real theme of Islam has begun to unfold, conveying the message “Islam is not a religion of peace but a provocation of intolerance and uproar” to the public and the citizens of earth. Islamist Jihadists cannot be stopped by force, killing the Islamist ideologists will not solve the problem as long as the ideology remains intact. It is required for Islam to get itself a modern revision that suits the today society and this can only be done by the Islamic leaders in the world. They are the ones that can make their Islamic communities understand the vital need for a change in the Islamic doctrine and that the Quran should be reinterpreted to fit into the current age. [DID]

If they were terrorists, the California couple suspected of staging the San Bernardino slaughter kept it well hidden.

They lived quietly. The husband worked a regular job. The couple apparently even created an online baby registry at Target this spring in which they listed four items on their wish list — Pampers, a car seat, baby wash and safety swabs.

But the secrets of Syed Rizwan Farook and his wife, Tashfeen Malik, began spillling out Thursday — a day after police said they donned tactical gear, grabbed their assault rifles, and massacred 14 people attending a holiday party at the Inland Regional Center.

The FBI is now investigating whether the couple, who were killed later by police, were waging jihad. Read more…