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Yesterday North Korea, Tomorrow Iran

January 8, 2016 Leave a comment
Apocalyptic Mulahs Regime in Iran1

Apocalyptic Mullahs’ Regime in Iran

History is doomed to repeat itself due to the lack of effective and capable world leaders, what we have instead are bunch of political dwarfs who are nothing more than elected mercenaries of the one-percent-rich sector, whose only purpose are to preserve their empires of wealth with the cost of pain and suffering burdened on shoulders of the world grassroots. 

About two decades ago Bill Clinton’s imprudence paved the way for N Korea to become an atomic power; today the Obama’s naivety and incompetence is setting the stepping stones for the Iranian mullahs to get access to nuclear weapon.

The reality behind these phony agreements is the fact that they are intentionally outlined, by the puppeteers, in a way to keep these bogeymen puppets and their threats alive and going so that the allied States are intimidated by them and make them permanent arm-buying customers for defense purposes. [DID]

North Korea claims that on Tuesday night, it tested a hydrogen bomb. If true, it was a typically aggressive act by an evil regime. The White House said, however, that Pyongyang was doing something quite different, but also typical — engaging in empty boasting to exaggerate the Hermit Kingdom’s martial strength.

Whatever happened on Tuesday night, the reanimated North Korean nuclear threat holds a lesson about what happens when Washington makes agreements with regimes that are, to their core, untrustworthy. It often extends the lives of those regimes and facilitates the crisis it is intended to avert. That, of course, is why the rogue regime is interested in achieving a deal.

In 1985, North Korea signed the Non-Proliferation Treaty so it could openly share in the world’s advances in peaceful nuclear technology. Among the obligations it incurred in doing so was a requirement to disclose its nuclear progress (for example, the amount of weapons-grade plutonium it had produced) and submit to international inspections. Read more…


The Diminished Legacy of the Iran Deal

January 6, 2016 Leave a comment

IRI protesters set fire to the Saudi Embassy in Tehran during a demonstration against the execution of Shiite Muslim cleric Nimr al-Nimr, known as IRI terrorist proxy, by Saudi authorities.

Bunch of imbecilic mullahs in Iran who have no perception of the current global political and social trends in the world and have no respect for international norms and standards, all of a sudden, have become the Interlocutor in negotiation with World Powers. The theocratic regime in Iran pursues its Shia hegemonic ambitions by exporting terrorist proxies into regional States, it is the vast arms proliferator in the Middle East, its mullahs are the inventors of the suicidal bombers among the Islamic radicals, they are the interferers in Arab affairs and the regional countries, they are the agitators of the tribal and ethnic tensions, they are the advocators of regional instability, and they are the world’s worst human abusers. In short they have all the earmarks of being the most dangerous species on earth.

So how in the world, the World Powers have expected a mutually-respected resolution outcome from the nuclear negotiation with such dangerous species?! Western officials are either too stupid or too much oil brainwashed to be happy to have such a sucker’s deal! Soon they will have the luxury of reaping the harvest they’ve planted all along and become delighted by its backfire, it would be pretty ugly! [DID]

Let’s rewind the clock all the way back to 2015, when advocates for the Iranian nuclear deal were making the case that it would help bring stability to the Middle East. For example, a group of international relations scholars and Middle East experts claimed in a petition:

While the JCPOA is primarily a non-proliferation agreement that successfully closes off all weaponization pathways in the Iranian nuclear program, it carries with it significant peace dividends by making diplomacy and dialogue available for conflict resolution — a necessary step to tackle all of the region’s sources of tensions, be they terrorism, sectarianism, or unilateralism.

The region suffers from a diplomacy deficit and the mere fact that the U.S. and Iran can talk to each other again is in and of itself a stabilizing factor for the Middle East and an encouragement for regional rivals to pursue dialogue instead of proxy fights.

This seemed to match the thinking of President Obama, who explained the day the Iran deal was struck that, “put simply, no deal means a greater chance of more war in the Middle East.”

I bring all this up because I’m in Abu Dhabi right now and it sure seems like those 2015 predictions will not be coming to pass in 2016. In fact, according to the National’s Justin Vela, things are just starting to heat up: Read more…