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From Whitewater to Benghazi: A Clinton-Scandal Primer

March 25, 2016 Leave a comment


A bipartisan conspiracy has been going on to make Hillary Clinton the next U.S. President. GOP approves of the idea and contributes to the plot initially by keeping it silence and accepting the ongoing chaos in its party, and secondly by promoting the election condition for trump to be the GOP nominee since he is known to lose the general election to Hillary Clinton. The participants in this bipartisan effort consist of high-ranking officials and prominent political figures such as the former leaders of the parties, previous members of Congress, prior state leaders, and past Presidents and Vice Presidents.

The rationale for undertaking the plot is bifold, domestically and internationally. Domestically, U.S. needs to continue 4 more years of Obama’s policies because those policies necessitates to grow deep and get rooted in the mainframe of the society, besides it is figured that the country cannot afford the cost of any changes to those initiated policies. Internationally, U.S. needs to continue 4 more years of Obama’s foreign policy of status quo since Uncle Sam wants to continue the turning upside down the Middle East by the regional States, to him any direct involvement in the Middle East would be costly and unpopular among public. However, after 4 or maybe 8 years U.S. will come back to the Middle East to reap the harvest cultivated by the local actors.

As a result, all the bipartisan constituents and the high ranking political officials masked under pac and super pac, delegates and super delegates, main stream media, etc, are laying the stepping stone of the path for Hillary Clinton to be the next U.S. president.

FBI investigation on Hillary Clinton’s use of private server (the undertaking article) for classified information will most likely be the same format of the congressional committees’ on her Benghazi scandal that was widely considered a win for her. [DID]

On Monday, the State Department released the last batch of Clinton’s messages when she was secretary of state—a total of around 30,000. And late Wednesday,The Washington Post reported that the Justice Department has granted immunity to a former Clinton staffer to work with investigators, an indication of progress in the criminal case over the emails. Bryan Pagliano, the staffer, helped Clinton set up a server in her home in New York, which she used for her emails while running the State Department. Pagliano previously invoked his Fifth Amendment right against self-incrimination when called to testify by congressional committees. A spokesman said the Clinton campaign was “pleased” that Pagliano was cooperating, though what else are they going to say?

Clinton herself is likely to be questioned by the FBI sometime in the next few weeks. The Post reports: Read more…


Unwelcom Obama’s Norooz Message

March 23, 2016 Leave a comment

Mr. Obama you have been labeled as “Terrorist Obama” since September 2013 when you turned your back on oppressed Iranians and stretched out your hand to criminal Mullahs in Iran and joined the most dangerous Terror State in the world. Iranian people know you as their enemy and a friend of terrorist Mullahs.

Nobody care for your “Happy Norooz” garbage, so please have some dignity for your few months left in W.H. and keep your B.S. talks to yourself and your apocalyptic buddies in Iran. Oppressed Iranian people will neither forget nor forgive you for your betrayal and the damage you have done to them. [DID]