The IRI government is an oppressive dictatorship. It denies its people’s human rights while threatening the world with nuclear weapons. In Iran, freedom of expression does not exist. Thousands of peaceful protesters have been arrested, and others are imprisoned because of their politics, their religion, or simply because they dare to fight for basic human rights.

For full list of 1900 political (activists, academics, journalists, bloggers) click the links below:

Link: Iran Prisoners List


Following are some of the Iranian dissidents among thousands of political prisoners who are fighting for freedom and democracy in Iran. Click on the profiles below to learn more.


Shiva Nazar AhariWomen’s & Human Rights Activist
Shiva Nazar Ahari is the spokeswoman of the Committee of Human Rights Reporters (CHRR), an Iranian human rights group founded in 2006. Shiva became a teacher of street children and of Afghan refugee children. She was arrested at work.

Laleh HassanpourWriter, Women’s & Human Rights Activist 
Laleh Hassanpour was arrested for participating in human rights activities, “conspiracy against national security” and “insulting the president.” She has been placed under severe pressure by the authorities to give a false televised confession.  

Bahareh HedayatStudent & Women’s Rights Activist
Bahareh Hedayat was active in Daftar-e Takhim-e Vahdat (Office for Consolidating Unity), Iran’s pro-democracy student movement, and the One Million Signatures Campaign to end legal discrimination against women. 

Navid KhanjaniStudent Activist & Member of the Baha’i Faith
Navid Khanjani has engaged in peaceful human rights activities and is affiliated with human rights organizations, for which he was arrested. During his detention, Navid was forced under duress to record self-incriminating video confessions. 

Siamak MehrBlogger 
Siamak Mehr (aka Mohammed Reza Pourshajari) is an Iranian blogger who was wrongfully imprisoned and has been repeatedly denied access to the health resources he needs to survive.  

Zia NabaviStudent Activist
Zia Nabavi is a member of the Council to Defend the Right to Education, a body set up by students barred from studying because of their civic and political activism. Zia was arrested after protesting the fraudulent June 2009 presidential election. 

Jafar PanahiAward Winning Filmmaker
Jafar Panahi is a world-renowned filmmaker. He has received awards at the Venice Film Festival and the Berlin Film Festival. Jafar was arrested for making a film that was “anti-regime,” by depicting the protests following the 2009 elections. 

Hossein Ronaghi-MalekiBlogger & Human Rights Activist
A student of computer programming, Hossein Ronaghi-Maleki was one of the earliest and youngest bloggers to begin challenging regime internet censorship. He was imprisoned for his opposition to censorship without regard for due process.

Nasrin SotoudehLawyer & Women’s Rights Activist (recently released)
Nasrin Sotoudeh is an avid defender of juveniles facing capital charges, abused children, and has represented human rights activists in Iran. She was arrested after defying threats by the Iranian authorities to stop representing her clients.

Leila TavassoliEngineer & Protester
During a peaceful protest, Leila witnessed a man being killed when security forces intentionally ran him over with their car. She gave interviews as a witness and was later arrested for participating in peaceful protests and giving interviews. 




Prisoners Released on Bail

Narges MohammadiJournalist
Narges Mohammadi, a journalist, has written about human rights, women’s rights and issues important to students. Due to her promotion of Iranian human rights, the Iranian Government banned her from leaving the country and threatened further consequences if she didn’t end her activities. Today, Mohammadi is in Zanjan Prison.



Released Prisoners

Pastor Youcef NadarkhaniChristian Pastor
Arrested for protesting compulsory Islamic instruction in schools, Pastor Youcef was found guilty by an Iranian court of apostasy, or renouncing his Islamic faith in favor of Christianity, and has been sentenced to death by hanging. 


Mahdieh GolrooStudent & Women’s Rights Activist
Mahdieh Golroo was imprisoned along with her husband after security forces raided their home. Mahdieh’s arrest followed her participation in a four day sit-in at Allameh Tabatabai University to protest politically-motivated education bans on students. 

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