Open Letters

The following open letters  to  US and EU political authorities has been written by Dr. Mansur Rastani . To read the contents of each letter click on its link.


  1. To Senator John Kerry
  2. To the Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton
  3. To President Barack Obama
  4. President Obama, you Undermined the 2009 Iranian Uprising
  5. An Open Letter to U.S. Senators and Congressmen on Upcoming Resolution on Iran
  6. An Open Letter to European Parliament’s Delegation
  7. A Drafted Response to EP-ID’s Letter
  8. A Submitted Response to EP-ID’s Letter
  9. President Obama, Your Policy on Iran Contradicts Interests of Iranian Grassroots
  10. .Open Letter to EP-Iran Delegation – 2012
  11. Open Letter to EP-Iran Delegation – 2013


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