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The Weak-willed President and his Abject Foreign Policy Failure

April 8, 2014 Leave a comment

Our allies and our enemies have seriously recalculated where the U.S. stands. It was not difficult to define American geopolitical strategy over the seven decades following World War II — at least until 2009. It was largely bipartisan advocacy, most lead_from_behind_MDambitiously, for nations to have the freedom of adopting constitutional governments that respected human rights, favored free markets, and abided by the rule of law. And at the least, we sought a world in which states could have any odious ideology they wished as long as they kept it within their own borders. There were several general strategic goals as we calculated our specific aims, both utopian and realistic.

(1) The strategic cornerstone was the protection of a small group of allies that, as we did, embraced consensual government and free markets, and were more likely to avoid human-rights abuses. That eventually meant partnerships with Western and later parts of Eastern Europe, Great Britain, and much of its former Empire, such as Australia, Canada, and New Zealand. In Asia, the American focus was on Japan, the Philippines, South Korea, and Taiwan. The U.S. military essentially guaranteed the security of these Asian nations, and they developed safely, shielded from Soviet or Chinese Communist aggression, and more recently from Russian or Chinese provocations. Read more…


Assault in Central Syria Among Uprising’s Deadliest; at least 116 Killed

May 27, 2012 Leave a comment

This massacre  against humanity (at least 32 children murdered) has been done by the West-&-East puppet executioners Syria and Iran headed by the P5+1 permanent members of the UN security council, the reps of the World Oil Cartels, whose roles are to save their interests. The hands of all these knaves are soaked with the blood of these innocent children. [DID]

The head of the UN observer team in Syria says at least 32 children under 10 years of age and more than 80 others were killed in fighting in the center of the country Friday. The assault on Houla, an area northwest of the central city of Homs, is one of the bloodiest single events in Syria’s 15-month-old uprising. Read more…