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ISIS, Tehran Regime, Two Sides of the Same Coin

April 9, 2016 Leave a comment

The Octopus tentacles are labeled “Hizbullah, ISIS, Shiite militias, Al-Maliki, Al-Qaeda, IRGC, Al-Assad, …..

Over more than three-and-a-half decades, six U.S. presidents, under nine terms of presidency, one after another have been the bystanders to the crimes of the Mullahs’ regime against its own people, its active sponsorship of terrorism abroad, and its regional hegemonic role, and in turn have done nothing to confront and stop the evil act of such rogue state, Nothing! Zilch! Zero! On the contrary, they have cowardly sided with this evil. At some point one may think that the lack of bothered leaders by their conscience has sapped the will of governments in responding to these unprecedented acts of atrocity against humanity, but that cannot be the case, six presidents and all were inept leaders? No, that is not it.

The fact of the matter is that U.S. have been pursuing the long-standing policy of using the terrorist state (IRI) and non-state (ISIS, Al-Qaeda, etc) as wrecking balls to demolish the Middle East infrastructure by creating the sectarian war among Sunnis and Shia faction. United States along with its European allies not only do not confront the terrorism but directly and indirectly provide it with all the necessary vital economic and strategic instruments to keep it alive and active in its role of destroying the regional civility.

Such bulldozing will force the migration of local intellectual and patriotic societies to outside the regional borders; make the territory ready for non-resistant and easy plundering of its natural wealth by the greedy World Powers. By the same token, the fearful demolishing war is also used as a scarecrow for the neighboring states to benefit the World Powers by ordering humongous number of arms sales under the pretext of defense, thus providing a vehicle to promote their economy. The destruction of the region will continue until at some point the world community (i.e., UN) is forced to step in and present a plan to divide the territory into smaller states by imposing new borderlines. The new landscape of the Middle East map will of course preserve the geopolitical interests of the World Powers. The funny thing is that at the end of this chaos, which probably take a decade or two, these Great Powers will come back for reconstruction of the ruins of war, another way of economical scam.

Imperialism changes its version of presence but never fades away as long as there is no sincere resolute to end it. It becomes maleficent when combined with unfettered capitalism, turns a blind eye on humanity and ruins everything on its way to develop into an inhumane machine. [DID]


The barbaric terrorist attacks in Brussels were a clear reminder of the growing threat of Islamic extremism. This vicious ideology continues to take new forms – once al-Qaeda, now ISIS, both with the shared goal of creating an “Islamic state” capable of enforcing Sharia law and undermining the achievements of the civilized world.

While the Sunni version of fundamentalism desperately seeks to achieve this objective, the Shiite version in Tehran has been in place for nearly four decades. It should be confronted, not appeased.

Syria, Iraq, and Yemen have become breeding grounds for ISIS, a blessing in disguise for Tehran because it conveniently justifies the mullahs’ extraterritorial maleficence.

Some in the West continue to pin their hopes on elusive “reforms” within the clerical establishment, despite the fact that the Iranian regime’s regional agenda is, in the words of its Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei, “diametrically opposed” to that of the international community. Their optimism is fueled by the misguided expectation of political reform in the aftermath of the nuclear deal. Neither the facts nor the evidence support this contention. Read more…


Iranian Mullahs are at Breaking Point Under US Sanctions

May 19, 2014 Leave a comment


Just to be clear here, the credit for Iran sanctions doesn’t go to the Obama Administration; in fact the White House and State Department were all along against imposing any sanctions on Iran. The architect of crippling sanctions was actually the Congress that worked hard against the administration to pass the sanctions. [DID]

At the car repair shop on Soreana Avenue in central Tehran, Homayoon is happy to talk; after all, there is not much else to do. Business is bad, he says, as he wipes his hands with an oily cloth. It’s the same for everybody.

“It’s not good at all. Petrol is expensive, so people drive less, so they break down less,” Homayoon says. Wearing a grubby red T-shirt advertising Axol Lubes, he laughs and shrugs when asked whether American sanctions are to blame for high prices and lack of customers.

“Of course it’s sanctions!” interrupts Ali, another mechanic. “The economy is sick. My friends have small businesses like this one. Electricity is up 25%, water up 30%, petrol up 75%, business tax up, VAT up. Interest rates are 25%, so they can’t borrow. They can’t handle it,” he says. Read more…

What is Worse: Mullahs With the Bomb or Bombing Mullahs?

May 16, 2014 Leave a comment

bomb Mullahs

Would Obama bomb Iran? Yes, and here’s why, says a former adviser to his defense department.

What is worse: Iran with the Bomb or bombing Iran? This is a question we must reconsider as diplomats return to Vienna this week to discuss Iran’s nuclear programme.

Of course, we all hope that the negotiations will result in a lasting diplomatic accord that resolves the Iranian nuclear challenge once and for all. The election of a new and more pragmatic Iranian president, Hassan Rouhani, last August and the successful conclusion of an ‘interim’ nuclear pact in November mean that the prospects for a ‘comprehensive’ settlement have never been brighter. Read more…

Will the World Ignore Iran’s Execution Binge?

May 13, 2014 Leave a comment

Iran land of death

Despite Iranian President Hassan Rouhani’s repeated calls for “moderation” and “respect for human rights in his country,” executions in Iran continue at an alarming rate.

According to organizations such as the Iran Human Rights Documentation Center and Iran Human Rights, both of which track execution – and extrapolating from their data – there have been over 250 executions carried out in the first four months 2014.

Indeed, there were 10 executions reported in the first five days of May alone. Ironically enough, it was Mohammad-Javad Larijani – head of the Iranian judiciary’s Human Rights Council – who unwittingly highlighted these heinous crimes by declaring that the international community should be “grateful” to Iran for the “great service to humanity” that it provides in carrying out these executions. Read more…

Christians Persecuted at Alarming Rate in Iran, Arab world, US Report Says

May 9, 2014 Leave a comment

Four Iranian Christians were reportedly sentenced to 80 lashes for drinking wine for communion, a shocking punishment.

Christians are under siege in the Middle East, and the Obama administration is not doing enough to stop religious persecution by its allies, according to a new report from a bipartisan federal commission.

The report, from the United States Commission on International Religious Freedom, faulted usual suspects Iran, Saudi Arabia and Pakistan, as well as North Korea. The number of Christians in the Middle East has plunged to just 10 percent of the overall population from more than 25 percent in 2011. Read more…

With His Eyes on the Nuclear Prize, Mullah Hassani Hedges on Human Rights

May 6, 2014 Leave a comment
rouhani behind the human-rights mask

Charlatan Mullah Hassani Hedges on Human Rights

At the foot of the mountains in northern Tehran, nestled just above the capital’s swank neighborhoods and just below the teahouses and hiking trails where Iranians flock to escape the city’s smog, sits one of the country’s most infamous facilities. In contrast to its picturesque location, Evin Prison has served as the setting for some of the most vicious moments in modern Iranian history. Many of those who helped bring down Iran’s secular monarchy in 1979 served stints in Evin. Tragically, the repression that fueled the revolution only worsened after the monarchy’s overthrow, and so did the brutality at Evin. Read more…

Press Freedom in Iran under Mullahs’ Regime Ranks 173rd out of 180 Countries

May 5, 2014 Leave a comment


For the list of global rankings refer to the bottom of this article.

The 2014 World Press Freedom Index spotlights the negative impact of conflicts on freedom of information and its protagonists. The ranking of some countries has also been affected by a tendency to interpret national security needs in an overly broad and abusive manner to the detriment of the right to inform and be informed. This trend constitutes a growing threat worldwide and is even endangering freedom of information in countries regarded as democracies. Finland tops the index for the fourth year running, closely followed by Netherlands and Norway, like last year. At the other end of the index, the last three positions are again held by Turkmenistan, North Korea and Eritrea, three countries where freedom of information is non-existent. Despite occasional turbulence in the past year, these countries continue to be news and information black holes and living hells for the journalists who inhabit them. This year’s index covers 180 countries, Read more…

Iranian Mullahs Should Never be Trusted

May 5, 2014 Leave a comment

Enriched Iran

Under strong congressional pressure, the White House has finally agreed to bar an Iranian diplomat involved in terrorism from entering the United States.

The Iranian regime had appointed Hamid Abutalebi as its new envoy to the United Nations, a decision that triggered a strong rebuke from Congress because of Abutalebi’s role in the 1979-81 hostage-taking of American diplomats in Tehran.

The fact that Tehran dared to nominate him speaks volumes about how it views American policy: weak and indecisive. It also shows that Iranian President Hassan Rouhani is neither serious about the trust that has been offered to him by Western powers, nor deserving of it.

Read more…

Mullahs’ Strategy Feeds Off Perceived Western Weakness

May 5, 2014 Leave a comment


  • With a further round of the nuclear talks between Iran and the West to be held in mid-May, Iran’s Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei continues to encourage the advancement of Iran’s nuclear program. While giving the talks a green light, he is at the forefront of pessimism about the chances of reaching a comprehensive agreement.
  • Khamenei insisted that despite the ongoing talks, no activity in the R&D field would be stopped or slowed down. He stressed that the main advantage of Iran’s nuclear program is the “strengthening of national security,” a surprising admission considering Iran’s insistence that its nuclear program is only for civilian purposes.

Read more…

Rouhani’s Republic of Fear

April 24, 2014 Leave a comment
Rouhani cartoon

Charlatan Mullah Hassani (Rouhanis, Repulic of Fear)

Ward 350 of Tehran’s Evin prison houses some of Iran’s most prominent dissidents, including human-rights lawyers, labor leaders and opposition bloggers. The Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps and the intelligence ministry raided the ward last week and administered a mass beating to its residents, landing dozens of prisoners in the hospital.

That’s according to family members of the prisoners and news accounts from Kalame, a website associated with opposition leader Mir Hossein Mousavi. Read more…

The IRI’s Order for Public Execution of the Condemned was Repelled by the Decedent’s Family

April 17, 2014 Leave a comment

The public executions in the Islamic regime of Iran has been used to cast fear and horror among the public, a tactic regime has been exercised to fortify its hold on power. It has also been used to create cruelty and inhumanity inside the community, but the Iranians who are the children of the Cyrus The Great, the one who introduced the principles of human rights to the humanity, have come to their senses and commenced a cultural movement to stand against the barbaric act of the regime and its Islamic retaliation punishment, this is the start of breaking the spell. [DID]


The noose awaits the neck of Balal. Photograph: Arash Khamooshi /Isna

When he felt the noose around his neck, Balal must have thought he was about to take his last breath. Minutes earlier, crowds had watched as guards pushed him towards the gallows for what was meant to be yet another public execution in the Islamic republic of Iran.

Seven years ago Balal, who is in his 20s, stabbed 18-year-old Abdollah Hosseinzadeh during a street brawl in the small town of Royan, Read more…

To Deal with the Mullahs, Congress should Handcuff the President through Legislation Now

April 12, 2014 Leave a comment

Obama handcuffed -2

Is Barack Obama’s threat of preventive military action against the Iranian regime’s nuclear program credible? Would a one-year, six-month, or even three-month nuclear breakout capacity at the known nuclear sites be acceptable to him? Is he prepared to attack if Tehran denies the International Atomic Energy Agency, the U.N.’s nuclear watchdog, entry into undeclared facilities that may be hiding nuclear-weapons research or centrifuge production? Is he prepared to strike if the regime denies inspectors access to the personnel and documents that would allow the West to see whether—how much—the regime has been lying about weaponization?

These are questions that Iran’s leaders—Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei, the commanders of the Revolutionary Guards, who oversee the nuclear program, and Hassan Rouhani, who before becoming president served on the Supreme National Security Council as Khamenei’s personal representative—have undoubtedly asked since 2008. Read more…