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France Reveals Global Plan to Combat Islamists

April 24, 2014 Leave a comment


France’s interior minister on Tuesday unveiled a raft of policies to stop its citizens joining the Syrian civil war, aiming to prevent young French Muslims becoming radicalized and posing a threat to their home country.

France, which has been a staunch opponent of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, estimates the number of its nationals directly or indirectly involved in the Syrian conflict at about 700 of which a third are fighting against the government. Read more…


Have Islamists Declared World War?

September 26, 2013 Leave a comment

An injured woman cries for help after gunmen stormed the Westgate shopping mall in Nairobi, Kenia

September 2001 may have shocked the world as we helplessly witnessed the birth of jihadi terror, but September 2013 reminds us that even after a dozen years spending a trillion dollars, we are no closer to defeating the enemy than we were on that dark day in New York City when the Twin Towers fell.

In the same week as Somali jihadi terrorists in Nairobi, Kenya slaughtered non-Muslims, their brothers were on a killing spree elsewhere. They blew up a church full of parishioners in Peshawar, Pakistan, took hostages in Mindanao, Philippines, exploded bombs at a funeral in Baghdad, and attacked the Nigerian capital of Abuja. In Syria, gruesome acts of barbarism in the name of Islam continued unabated.

Their names may be different, their locations far apart, but the doctrine that binds them is the same — jihad. Read more…

Facing Realities: The Iranian Regime and Islamic Fundamentalism

June 30, 2013 Leave a comment

Candidly Speaking: We are on the front line. Our role must be to persuade the world that confronting Iranian and Islamic fundamentalism is not merely an Israeli problem.ShowImage

The enthusiastic media response to the election of the “moderate” and “reformist” Hassan Rouhani is reminiscent of the unrealistic drivel which greeted the “Arab Spring”. Indeed, there was perhaps greater justification for the misplaced optimism over the downfall of despotic Arab leaders than in the election of this Mullah, one of eight candidates approved by Ayatollah Khamenei from a pool of 686.

While Rouhani is far more sophisticated than his predecessor, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad (a Holocaust denier who continuously called for Israel to be wiped off the map), he is no moderate. Read more…

Syrian Opposition Hijacked By Islamists, Foreign Influence

December 14, 2012 Leave a comment

There was, at one point, a strong conviction among large segments of Syrian society that the fall or overthrow of the regime would inevitably lead to a democratic alternative. This convictionDemonstrators pose with Syrian opposition flags at the site of badly damaged buildings during a protest in Daraya lasted for a while, during which the protest movement was peaceful, despite the bloodshed caused by the regime.

However, things became more complex in the aftermath of the military operations carried out by both the Free Syrian Army (FSA) and the resistance. Following the formation of the so-called Syrian National Council (SNC), complexity was the name of the game. Prospects for the future looked dim and an anti-democratic alternative — that of Islamic governance — loomed on the horizon.

The Islamic Alternative has been difficult to characterize. This is in part due to the diversity and conflicting styles and strategies followed by the Islamist forces, especially the armed ones. These forces promise anything but civil peace, national unity and a democratic alternative. They want to undermine the state for its secular, infidel nature. They reject notions of equality and principles of justice. Read more…

Truth Be Told

April 19, 2012 Leave a comment

Are you fed up with numerous daily horrific acts that are clearly committed under the banner of Islam throughout the world? Are you tired of hearing it? Well, so am I. However, I have to inform you that it is only going to get worse before it finally disappears into the dustbin of history. The savagery and variety of actions of Islamic extremists are seen daily around the globe committed under the banner of Islam, have become so commonplace that the world has come to view them as the normal part and parcel of a troubled humanity. And, from time-to-time, the world is shocked into a passing and momentary realization of the evil deeds these Islamist robots commit and quickly gets over it and does nothing to seriously address this affliction of humanity. Read more…